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METIS7 is an independent software Quality Assurance and Testing Services company. Metis7 partners with clients to constantly improve their IT Quality through our excellent people and our reference best practice framework – Metisure.

The Metisure© Framework- 7 STAGE OVERVIEW

The Metisure© Framework- 7 STAGE OVERVIEW

The Metisure© framework is our comprehensive reference best practice Quality Assurance and Testing Operating Model.  It can be used in a variety of ways to develop and improve Software Quality Assurance and Testing practice.  We will partner with you to ensure you get best value from your use of the framework. 

It can be used as a reference model to assess the current practice and capability of an organisation, and to develop a Quality Roadmap to enable the organisation achieve the Quality Assurance and Testing standard required.

At Programme or Project level it can be used to combine current elements of best practice within an organisation with framework elements to define an appropriate quality model for major change projects within organisations.

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Our comprehensive set of Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services range from strategic services such as Client Quality Capability Assessments and Quality Roadmap definition, to providing full testing support for individual change projects. This covers Quality Strategy definition at Programme/Project initiation, through Estimation, Test Planning, Execution, Management, Implementation Support and Post Implementation reviews.  We also supply specialist Technical Testing services.


''Metis7 has been founded on solid principles of partnership, best practise and quality delivery. We are confident our Metisure framework and partnership model will lead to succesful quality outcomes for our customers.''

Paul Verjans -  Chief Technology Officer  (Metis7)